Sunday, June 3, 2012


Great news -

The post-arrest patient (after her spay) lived and is doing great at home! Yippee!

Kind words

In the middle of a very busy shift this weekend, a client took the time to thank me for my exceptional knowledge, straightforward communication, and to let me know they appreciated my kind demeanor and gentle bedside manner.  They told me I was the best doctor they'd ever met, and asked if they could continue all their pets' care through me. I thanked them for their amazing compliment, and told them no --  I only practice emergency medicine, and cannot take on routine clients. One of the definite downsides to being an ER doctor, but the benefits of saving lives when it really counts makes up for it (for me, anyway)

Those simple, kind words helped carry me through a long day of difficulties.  Remember to thank the people in your life when they do something well, even if it's their job.  It means a lot.

~ER doc