Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A new day, a new journey

You have to start somewhere...

Many years ago, when I started veterinary school, my mother told me - "You should write down your stories and cases, so that someday you can write a book like James Harriot".  Of course, being a 20-something, I disagreed -- MOTHER, nobody wants to hear those stories.

She was right.  Several years later, here I am, wishing I had chronicled my cases and stories of human life, grief, happiness, and success for my own reading, and for others to understand the inside of the mind of a dedicated emergency veterinarian.  

You have to start somewhere.  Today is the day.  I hope that someone, somewhere, understands the dedication, sacrifice, investment, and heart it takes to do my job.

Onward, ho!

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  1. Welcome to the vet blogging world! I've enjoyed your posts so far, and will be back!