Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Driving drunk

Don't show up to my ER drunk, especially when you drove yourself here. 

Clients arrived last night after running over their own cat.  The kitty, a 6 year old long haired female, had a broken femur, a broken pelvis, and was in shock.  She was extremely painful, as you can imagine.  We attempted to ask the clients for permission for pain medication and to start treatment on their kitty.  Unfortunately,  the clients spent the first 30 minutes outside in our parking lot, yelling at each other in a saddening display of drunken-white-trash-COPS-style fighting. 

My technician gave them the ultimatum -- start being adults, come inside, and deal with their sick kitty, or leave. 

They came inside, and unfortunately, we were forced to provide them with a free euthanasia instead of trying to fix their cat as they did not wish to pay for any services.  I guess they prefer to spend their money on alcohol and DUI tickets.

As they drove away, I contacted the non-emergency police to inform them of the situation.  I have zero tolerance for this sort of behavior - if they already hit a cat, what's next? A child? Someone else's car? 


  1. Good for you for calling the police..

  2. What jerks! Hope they got picked up.

  3. Wow. The things people do seriously amaze me.