Friday, July 29, 2011


Several weeks ago, the police department brought in a kitten who had been smashed on the head by a 17 year old.  This was witnessed by another person, who had called 911.

The 1.5 pound, 8 week old kitten was critical at arrival, with pinpoint pupils, minimally responsive, and clear evidence of brain swelling secondary to his known head trauma.  We quickly placed an IV catheter, administered fluids and mannitol, and kept very close watch of him in the initial hours.  He struggled through the first hours of therapy.

The next day, the kitten was significantly improved, but still having neurologic issues; he pressed his head against the cage door, and constantly circled toward the side of the head that had been injured.  He was unable to eat or drink, and only time would tell if he would continue to improve to a functional pet.

Several days later, our cute little kitten is a bundle of joy!  He's eating, drinking (although sometimes, he just steps in the water and spreads it around his kennel), and he is starting to play.  He's gaining weight well.  Now he just needs a home. Another live saved, and a heartwarming turn of terrible events for everyone here at the hospital.

Unfortunately, no charge were filed against the individual who performed this heinous act.  The even sadder part of the story is that so many adults who perform violent acts against animals will either repeat their acts, or increase their violence to then be against humans.  It boggles my mind that someone would willingly and purposefully inflict damage to such an innocent, sweet, pure life.

In any case, he's nearly better now.  Until he finds a home, it sure is nice to have a kitten around!

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  1. Our Abigail kitty came to us through a similar story. A 8 year old kid took this 3 week old kitten from her litter, put her on the sidewalk and ran over her with his bike! Fortunately, he only broke her leg, but GOOD LORD! He lived in the same apartment complex as a vet tech from our vet, who rescued the poor thing and reported the kid to social services/the police. We adopted her and her adorable tiny pink cast from that vet. Now she's 11, and apart from arthritis in that leg and general crotchetyness, she's doing great :)

    I'm enjoying reading back through all your entries! This one spoke to me, and I just wanted to reply.