Monday, August 15, 2011


Today a stray dog just got hit on the highway by a semi-truck, driving about 70 miles per hour.  A onlooker who had witnessed the dog being hit brought it in to us (no collar, no microchip, no known owner).

He yelled and swore at ME because the dog was dead on arrival.  Really?
He didn't believe that there was nothing I could do. He called me a "liar." Really?
He swore at my front office staff that we were "heartless assholes." Really?

Should I have lied to you and said that we performed CPR and brought back the dog and it was going to be all better?
Should I have lied to you and said that the dog isn't injured, and it'll be home by tomorrow?

Or should we tell you the truth?  When a 40 pound dog gets hit by a semi-truck weighing somewhere in the neighborhood of 80,000lbs (2,000 times the weight of the dog), the dog loses. 

 It's sad, and I'm sorry, but I can't fix this one. Pretty sure that doesn't make me a liar.

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