Sunday, December 18, 2011

Um..................... really?

Today, an older female client arrived at the front counter.  She did not have a pet with her.

"I'd like to report a lost dog," the client stated.  My receptionist gathered the form necessary to record this information and assist the woman in finding her dog.

"Okay, where did you last see him?" The receptionist asked.

"He's lost INSIDE my house," she stated plainly. "I've looked everywhere for him, and I just can't find him.  I've looked under the beds, under the couch, and he's nowhere.  I know he's in the house because I haven't left today and he slept on the bed with me."

"..... Ma'am, I'm not going to be able to help you find the dog inside your house - Lost dog reports only work if someone else finds your dog.  If your dog is in your house, nobody else is going to find him. Can you have someone come over and help you? Have you tried shaking his food dish?"


Really? You lost your dog INSIDE YOUR HOUSE and you came in to report him lost?

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