Thursday, February 2, 2012


Everyone, spread the word.  Bloat kills. Any owner of a deep-chested at-risk breed should know the signs and symptoms.

Tonight, a young, intelligent client called.  "My dog has a distended abdomen, and he's trying to vomit.  This has been going on for three hours.  What can I give him?"

My tech immediately, and directly informed the man that this is a critical emergency, and that his dog required IMMEDIATE medical attention. 

The client arrived, and his dog was already deceased.  We attempted CPR, to no avail. 

His dog was only 9 months old, and if he had come in when he first noticed the problem, we could have saved her. The saddest part is that I saved her after being hit by a car only 4 months ago, and now this.

I know I've posted on GDV before, and I know that sometimes, if you aren't home, there's nothing you can do.  But if you ARE home, don't wait.  These symptoms require IMMEDIATE action, or it's quickly too late.

Spread the word, save a life.

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  1. Oh that is hard :( We are learning about bloat in my ruminant nutrition class. Not the same species, but still just as serious