Monday, March 14, 2011

Crazy day!

This weekend was a first for me -- we had to call 911 for a client.

On a busy weekend shift, a client arrived with her pet who had been attacked by a larger dog.  Unfortunately, her cute little toy breed dog, "Teddy" was critically injured and had open sucking chest wounds on both sides of his body.  He was declining rapidly after arrival, and due to his severe injuries and the chance of recovery, the family elected to let him pass.

While grieving outside, the client disappeared from view of our window.  Her family knocked on the door frantically, and my assistant at the front counter dialed 911.  She was suffering a seizure, and had collapsed onto the sidewalk in front of our hospital.

Fortunately, the ambulance arrived within 2 minutes and her seizure resolved as they arrived.  The paramedics spoke with her, and she was not transported to the hospital.  It was a tense two minutes, knowing that none of us could provide any assistance to the one species I can't treat.

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