Monday, March 21, 2011

the (not so) immaculate conception

Clients present with a 4 year old, intact, unvaccinated female cat who is STRICTLY indoor only, and lives with no other adult cats. The queen has been in labor for >48 hours, and has a fetus currently stuck in the vaginal canal. So far, the clients note that she's delivered 5 kittens alive.  (In actuality, she has 8 newborn kittens in her box at presentation).

In the exam room, the clients, who are reluctant to pay for services, note that they just can't believe she got outside that ONE time, and got pregnant. 

Me: "So this is her first litter?"

Client:  "No, this is her third litter."

Personally, I'm pretty amazed that getting out one time results in three separate pregnancies!

Fortunately, I was able to remove the last fetus from the birth canal manually, and no other fetuses remained.  The clients grumbled about now having to find homes for 8 kittens -- I gently, but firmly, urged them to have their cat spayed, thus AVOIDING the problem.

Client: "That's a great idea!"

......I'm again, puzzled.  You couldn't think of that on your own?


  1. I love those patients who "never" go outside but somehow end up pregnant, hit by cars, or with fight wounds!

  2. It really is amazing... the stupidity of people.