Wednesday, April 6, 2011


A client from a daytime clinic arrives at midnight during the madness of my previous post.  We've never seen her or her pet before.  The client is slightly frantic.

Client "I need some insulin syringes for my cat.  I am out."

She hands  my receptionist a used syringe, which is a U-30.  The receptionist comes back to ask me, and we search our stock; it turns out we have nothing similar to this type.  Fortunately, she can pick them up at a human pharmacy in about 8 hours, when the stores open.

Receptionist "I'm so sorry, we don't carry this type, and so we have nothing to sell to you.  You can pick them up at a human pharmacy when they open in the morning. It's only about 8 hours."

Client FREAKS out.  "What do you MEAN!? My cat is supposed to get her insulin at 7am and the stores don't open until 8am!  WHat am I supposed to do!?  How can YOU let this happen?!?!??"

(Remember, we are trying to care for critical patients, manage outpatients, answer the phones, provide excellent nursing care, and triage the patients that are still flowing in the door.)

Client continues to make a scene in the lobby.  She's furious at our hospital because WE don't carry the supplies that SHE FORGOT to buy before her regular veterinarian or the pharmacy closed.

My receptionist comes back again for help.  While I'm literally scrubbing in for surgery, I give her information to calm the lady down; having a single insulin injection delayed by ONE hour is not a big deal.  Of course, we certainly wish we had some to help you out, but we don't use that type of insulin in our hospital, and therefore you have no other option but to wait until the morning.  Maybe you should buy a few extra boxes for emergencies like this one, since after hours, there's nowhere to buy them.

Client leaves, angry.  ANGRY at my hospital because we didn't have her supplies.

She calls two hours later and still wants the syringes. My technician is forced to waste 5 minutes of valuable time for treating animals, instead listening to the client's tirade and trying to be friendly and professional.

 If only my magic wand was working...... *poof*! syringes!

Look, we want to help people.  We do.  That's our job.  HOWEVER, don't come in and blame us and act like a jerk when it's 1) not an emergency and 2) your fault and 3) we can't do anything to fix it anyway. We're not retail, and we don't stock things we don't use.  The same goes for pet food, flea medications, etc.

Lack of proper planning on your part does NOT constitute an emergency on my part.

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  1. I use that last sentence about three times a week at work!

    Idiots are everywhere..